How to Offset Carbon Footprint

With the rise in global warming, more and more effective solutions are coming in day by day. Carbon offset has proven to be one of the most effective methods of carbon emission. The ‘go green’ campaign by environmental right activists has made this trend famous worldwide. Now almost everyone is talking about how to offset the carbon footprint.

Moreover, any person who feels responsible for climate change and its adverse effect should always consider carbon offsetting. Nowadays there are many carbon offset providers and people are doing it to save the climate for the future so the generations to come can live in a comparatively safe environment. However, it is still important to understand the technicality of the reason to understand carbon offsetting.

Why Carbon Offset? 

Emissions can be reduced using carbon offsetting, which can be not achieved generally by people. It shows that you care and want to fight for the global climate change and also for the human beings residing planet earth. Carbon offsetting is also important and helpful in providing employment, reduction in health problems, biodiversity and many vast ranged benefits to underprivileged areas and villages. In a nutshell, carbon offsetting has benefits beyond the environment, including social benefits provided to the communities too. It is easier to do and does not require much effort and struggle.

However, before moving towards the procedure and steps, it is crucial to know what carbon offsetting actually is. How can you help your environment by limiting the supply of carbon dioxide somewhere? Every single effort to protect our home planet is important, and the earth needs to be saved and to be protected.

How to Offset?

We have gone through the fact about how important carbon offsetting is, but the question arises that how offsetting is done. It is rather easier than many people think and can be done in a few simpler steps. One does not have to go through much trouble for carbon offsetting and can be done in three easy steps.

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What is a Carbon Offset?

You can use this carbon offsetting procedure by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving somewhere. Every single one of us causes carbon emission in our day to day activities and causing our environment to get worst. Carbon emission has caused many damages like ozone layer depletion, global warming, and many others.

Carbon offsetting will help you compensate this damage by letting you fund the carbon dioxide saving in any other part of the world. It is a great way to help the environment to heal and also to clear your conscience that you have paid a positive something back to your atmosphere.

3 Easy Steps for Carbon Offsetting

You can follow these easy steps for carbon offsetting and easily reduce the carbon emission and protect your environment from global warming. Harmful side effects of carbon dioxide can also be reduced using carbon offsetting.

Now you will read all these steps in detail and how carbon offsetting can be done.       

Step 1

First of all, you need to know that you will have to calculate your total emission of carbon. You can use different services offered by us to calculate carbon emission.

  • An individual can use the free online carbon footprint calculator.
  • A business owner will have to register and then use the calculator
  • The small business owner can use the Free Online Business Calculator after registering themselves with us.
  • The larger Business owner can use our consultancy appraisal service and verification services.

Step 2

It is easier to reduce your emission than you think. You can use the following methods to reduce your carbon emission.

  • You should always turn off the electric appliances when those are not in use because they emit heat and in turn, cause carbon emission.
  • Reducing heat in your room to 1 degree can cause energy saving to approximately 8%.
  • Dry your laundry in the sun or by hanging and don’t use spinners or dryers.
  • Spending less time in the shower also reduces carbon emission (surprising, isn’t it?).
  • Don’t put a lot of water in the kettle and then boil. Keep the water according to your need.

Step 3

You can choose different projects for your carbon offsetting needs from our projects. Try to give back to the environment by choosing one of the projects whichever suits you. These projects will be your thank you to Mother earth for enjoying so many beautiful years on this planet.

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How are Co2nesnsus’s Offsets Verified?

Diligent and hardworking team with us will help you and let you know that the project you are investing in every bit worth it. You will find a wide variety of carbon offsets to choose from and rest assured that we have strict protocols and procedures for the management of offset projects and supply chains. We are committed to honest work, and we have been trying our best to provide you with the best possible outcomes that you require.

We work closely with our project collaborators and suppliers and find out your demands and then offer the best product we have for them.

All of the projects by Co2nesnsus are verified against international standards. All the record is maintained and kept regularly updated on the website. You can trace and look at the current offset project portfolio, and it is also part of ISO 900 certification. A monitoring system is also active, which kept the record updated about tree plantation or retirement of offsets which makes it easier to cross-reference customer purchases.

We take great care of our customers and provide you with amazingly well quality of carbon offset projects. International standard verification is applied and highly suitable for every kind of project from individual to larger businesses.

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