How to Carbon Offset Flights

There is no denying that the damage caused by a human on this planet earth is much more than any species has ever caused. The result of human’s adverse effect comes in the form of global warming, climate change and extinction of animal species, to name a few. There are many reasons for carbon offsetting, and one of the major reasons includes flights emission of carbon dioxide.

Carbon offsetting in flights can reduce carbon emission and make the environment a little safer than before. These are schemes offered by voluntary offset providers to make it better for the world and the environment of people around them. It will make up for the carbon emission by the passengers on that particular flight. While some passengers are reluctant to use the carbon offset schemes, there are many others who don’t know the packages and schemes related to it.

Even though the offsets are a little bit controversial, they are widely popular. However, there are a few offsets which are not verified according to the international standards, and they don’t have any certification. That’s why it is of utmost importance to find out the standardized carbon offset. It is necessary to find out the certified, effective and reliable offsets in order to make up to it.

How Does Carbon Offsetting Work?

It is known that flights emit different gases, including carbon dioxide, particles and even water vapours. All these elements are not problematic alone, but their mixture becomes polluted and cause danger to the environment. However, the focus of offsetting is only for carbon dioxide because it is the most popular greenhouse gas. Offsetting doesn’t mean that the carbon dioxide produced from the plane will be prevented.

Carbon offsetting rather makes a compensation on your behalf that your share of emitted carbon dioxide is reduced in some other part of the world. It will rather help slow down the global increase in levels of CO2. It is generally made by calculating the tones of CO2 emitted by every flight and then taking another offsetting project which makes up for the same amount of CO2 levels somewhere else.

You can choose between two different projects of carbon dioxide offsetting from which one is the forestry project, and the other one is the reduction of fossil fuels. Forestry projects prevent the deforestation of plants or by planting trees were much needed. The other project helps in the reduction of fossil fuels consumption by using renewable technology and energy-efficient products.

It might sound simple enough to most of the people, but it is actually pretty hard to understand that it should meet three criteria in order to work effectively. These should meet the international standards of verification. The project must have additionality according to which the project must be funded by carbon offset’s money. There must not be any leakage, and the project should be permanent, so you don’t have the reversal effects of the project.

How Are Carbon Offsets Calculated?

With the advancement and use of carbon emission technologies, the use of carbon offset calculators has been increased in the past a few years. You can find out many calculators which will tell you about the carbon emission in a flight you have taken. However, the most basic formula is to calculate the number of miles you have flown in a specific flight.

If you use a more sophisticated calculator, it will also look at the fuel efficiency of the aircraft, occupancy rate and the class in which you have traveled. Moreover, if you really want to give your 100% and be really specific about carbon offset calculation, then the calculator used will take the weather and the time of the day traveled too. There are different types of carbon offset calculators, and they calculate accordingly and with different accuracy. You need to choose the one best suited for your requirement.

Calculate Your Flight’s Carbon Offset

How Much Does Carbon Offsetting Cost?

Cost of carbon offsetting varies from person to person and project to project because of the different amount of emission of carbon dioxide. Moreover, carbon offset calculators work differently, and that’s why the amount can also be changed according to the cost calculated by the carbon offsetting calculator. For instance, if you have taken two flights from England to the Caribbean and some other return flights in Europe, then the emission comes out around 2 tons. Shorter flights in Europe are around $7, a long flight is around $20 and from England to Caribbean cost approximately $30.

Some of you might be surprised to know that making a stopover during a flight can cause an increase in carbon produced. Moreover, flying in business class or economy class also makes a huge difference in the amount of carbon. Lesser passengers also meant that there is a less efficient use of aircraft’s space which also increases the amount of carbon.

For instance, you will have to pay for $16 of carbon offsetting if you have taken a flight from the UK to Dubai if you are traveling in an economy class and $48 if you are traveling in business class. The cost will go up to around $66 if you are traveling in first class. However, it can be changed according to the calculator used.

Carbon Offsetting Directly

Offsetting carbon is not offered by some airlines like Emirates, or it will allow you to offset flights which you have already taken. Most of the time, it is better to offset directly if it comes to airlines like Emirates. Co2nsensus is one of the most commonly known and used body which provides the best services in carbon offsetting.

Offset Your Carbon Now

It mostly works for developing countries and helps in sustainable development along with the reduction of Carbon Dioxide. It meets the international standard of verification, but the calculator used by this organization is not their own, but you can trust the work because of the accurate calculations of carbon offsetting by us. You can choose the project you want to invest in and then donate the amount according to the calculation provided to you by the calculator.

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