How to Buy Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are being used in a form of trade.  When carbon offsets are purchased, projects linked with the reduction of greenhouse gases are funded. There are certain projects which include the restoration of forests, renewing of the factories, power plants as well as increasing the energy efficiency of transportation and buildings.

The carbon offsets are made with the purpose of reducing the total of global Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) rather than making impossible and radical reductions on an individual level. The gases emitted from the greenhouse effect tend to mix up with air very fast, and they spread to the entire planet. The area where the GHG takes place does not matter even if a number of emissions get mixed in the air.

Businesses, individuals, event organizers can buy the carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprints. The companies and event organizers can benefit from this in many ways. They can also build a good image in the eyes of their target audience with the help of green products and green practices. The carbon offsets carry the capability to counteract certain activities such as traveling via air and driving to different events, such as conferences and weddings.

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There are some environmentalists who doubt the effectiveness as well as the validity of the carbon offsets. The reason behind this includes the judgement for the quality of the carbon project and provider.

Top Carbon Offset Providers

In order for you to be able to compensate for the emissions of a carbon footprint on an individual level, it is extremely important for you to run a check online and look for options for top carbon offset providers. As mentioned above, carbon offsets are made for the purpose of reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In order to effectively take part in this process, you need to make sure that the provider you choose is not just renowned but certified and verified as well.

The best way to look for top carbon offset providers is to run a check online and go through the reviews available on various websites and find out about the experience of other people who made their carbon offsets through these providers. Another important step is to take into account the funded projects of the provider, to see if they are legitimate and lasting or not. Then you can make an evaluation of the provider and see if it is authentic and trustworthy. Don’t forget to check the credible projects including soil management, tree plantation and setting up wind farms and so on.

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Find A Provider which is Legitimate and Permanent

In order to have an effective carbon offset, you need to choose such a provider which is known for funding real projects for the enactment of a permanent change. A carbon offset provider which is legitimate will also be verified by a third-party company.

  • In order to determine whether an offset is legitimate or not, try to find more reports and articles based on offset providers.
  • You will know whether an offset provider is trustworthy or not and if it has been certified as well as reviewed by some non-profit organization. An example of such an organization may include Action Reserve, Gold Standards, Green-e Climate and EPA etc.
  • You have to make sure that the offset provider you are planning to choose takes the necessary steps that help make the changes lasting and permanent. If the respective project is linked with the plantation of trees, then it is important for the provider to help the trees reach the level of maturity. A great way to do that is protecting the trees from fire.

Make the Purchase from your Utility Company

There are a lot of utility companies which sell carbon offsets to their customers, which will play a key role in offsetting the emission of carbon dioxide that is resulted from the use of electricity in offices or homes. These are sold and measured directly, so they can be very convenient for you.

On a regular basis, a premium of your regular utility bill is charged, which helps to offset the carbon emissions resulting from the use of energy on an average monthly basis.

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Reviewing the Audits of Providers

There is no doubt about the fact that the carbon offset projects will be audited on a regular basis typically, by the very same organization which deals in the provision of certification for the respective vendor as well as product. The nature of these audits is not very different from the financial audits which are conducted by various companies and organizations. If the offset provider company you have chosen is non-profit, then it will be possible for you to access their annual reports.

On the other hand, the organizations which mainly work to make profit rarely get their financial reports visible to the users.

Making the Purchase

In order to make your final purchase, it is important for you to check a few things to avoid maximum inconvenience afterwards. This includes the elements of comparing the prices of those offset providers which you have chosen to consider making the purchase from.

Also, you need to make sure that the offset you’ll purchase is retired. So that another person cannot claim for the benefits of the offset. What retiring of an offset does is that it helps to save it from being resold to any other person. Moving on, it is highly crucial for the buyer as well as the provider of the offset to complete the transaction and choose the respective medium of exchange, whether it is going to be cash or credit cards. While you are traveling by air, it will be rather beneficial if you carry along with extra carbon offsets. It is also important to take the advertisement for the neutrality of your respective business into account.

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