How can the Government Prevent Global Warming?


Global warming is increasing every day in all parts of the world. If we don’t stop global warming, the Earth and everything on it won’t be able to survive for long. Global warming has many adverse effects on humans, animals, birds, plants, and the Earth.

To stop global warming or reduce it, there are many things that we as individuals can do. But considering the increased amount of global warming today, it won’t be much effective. For this, the government should take measures to reduce and stop global warming because they can have more significant impacts than a single person can have.

Let’s find out what the government should do to reduce global warming and make this Earth a better place!

Take Care of The Environment

We need more and more sources that absorb greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, etc. are the reason for global warming. If such gases are absorbed more frequently from the air, then global warming can be decreased. Naturally, many things can absorb carbon dioxide from the air, such as trees, oceans, mangroves, wetlands, etc. The government of every country of the world should start taking care of such natural things and places to absorb carbon dioxide. 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air during a process called photosynthesis. Rivers and oceans also absorb carbon dioxide from the air. If we lack such natural places, we won’t be able to fight against global warming. Firstly, the government should take care of forests, oceans, and rivers and don’t let anyone cut trees for no reasons. Secondly, the government should plant more and more trees. With the government, we should also plant trees around us and help the government to make this Earth a better place. 

Ban Polluting Industries

The government should look around in its country and find out industries and companies that emit a large amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The government should either ban such industries or ask them to lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Such industries should also be involved in buying carbon offsets if they can’t stop their work and can’t stop emitting greenhouse gases. By purchasing carbon offsets, the number of greenhouse gases in the environment will be neutralized, and there won’t be more than needed carbon in the environment. 

The government should make such businesses and industries aware of what they are doing so that they understand the adverse impacts of their business on the Earth. Many times, people don’t even know about the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment, and therefore, they keep emitting such gases. When people understand about carbon emission and global warming, they will be willing to stop or reduce global warming. 

Raise Awareness of Global Warming

The government should plan awareness events more often for the public so that people know how dangerous carbon and greenhouse gases are. The government should suggest to people what they can do to save the Earth. It should emphasize to stop habits that emit greenhouse gases and cause global warming. Some people don’t know how global warming occurs, and they don’t understand that human activities cause global warming. Making people aware of the cause of global warming is an essential step towards reducing global warming from the Earth. 

Start a Tree-planting Campaign

As trees absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide from the air, which is a greenhouse gas and causes global warming, the government should start a tree-planting campaign. The government should force people to come out of their houses and plant as many trees as they can. The importance of planting trees should also be told in awareness-raising against global warming events. The government should provide seeds to plant trees by themselves, so people don’t have to spend money or procrastinate because they have to buy it themselves. If the government wants the public to help them, it should make helping as easier as possible.

Moreover, the government should also teach people how to take care of plants and trees. It is because if they didn’t take care of the trees, it would be useless as they will wilt. We need a lot of trees and plants. Therefore, cutting trees and removing forests is the worst thing that a person can do for this Earth. 

Suggest The Use of Bikes Instead of Cars

The government should make the use of bikes trendy again. It should provide people with free bikes to travel short distances. The use of personal vehicles produces a lot of carbon dioxide when the fuel burns. Use of bicycles is better as it doesn’t require any fuels. Moreover, using bikes is also healthy as it increases the physical activities of a person. The government should tell people how bad the use of personal cars can be and that people should use bikes or walk short distances instead of using cars.  

Provide The Facility for Cleaner Public Transport

Use of public transport such as buses, rails, etc. is better than using personal cars. But in some countries, the facility of public transportation is so bad that people don’t feel comfortable to travel in them. The government should make cleaner sources of public transport and innovative ones, so people feel interested to travel in them. No one would be willing to go on dirty buses; therefore, the government should look after public transports

Ban The Use of Personal Jets

The use of private jets by rich and famous people should be banned as it produces a lot of greenhouse gases in the air. The government should ask such people to travel in commercial planes instead of their jets. Famous people influence a lot of people, and such a step would also influence their fans to work for the environment. 


There are many things that the government can do to make the environment healthier. A healthy environment means a healthy life. But it isn’t only the duty of the government to reduce global warming; we should also take measures and help the government to reduce global warming and the emissions of greenhouse gases.

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