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What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gas is the name given to any type of gas which carries the property of absorbing in the heat energy which is emitted from the surface of the Earth, and it further reradiates it back to the surface of the Earth, and this leads to the gas contributing a major deal towards the greenhouse effect. The most common types of greenhouse gases include methane gas, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

The effect of greenhouses gases on the energy of the system of the Earth is quite profound, although the total fraction which is made up of these gases in the atmosphere is only a little. While keeping in mind the history of the Earth, there have been substantial variations with regard to the concentrations of these gases in the Earth.

At a wide range of timescales, the greenhouses gases have practically managed to drive many substantial changes in the climatic conditions of different parts of the world.  In the high period, the concentration of the greenhouses gases is high while in the cold period, the concentration is quite low.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the name given to the process of bringing about a reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The process includes compensating for the emissions of carbon dioxide from different reasons be it industrial activities or household activities. There are proper schemes which are designed specifically for the purpose of offsetting carbon emissions from the atmosphere, and these schemes are also given the name of carbon offsetting schemes. The act of carbon offsetting is oftentimes taken as a form of trade.

The reason behind this is that when a person purchases carbon offset for the process of carbon offsetting, he/she directly or indirectly provides funding to such projects which are designed for reducing the greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect.

The projects may be of different nature and types, and it may include the restoration of forests, plantation of trees, soil management, increasing the efficiency of transportation as well as building, updating the power plants as well as factories. The carbon offsets allow a person to be able to pay for bringing about a reduction in the global greenhouse gases rather than requiring you to make impossible and radical reductions on an individual level.

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Pros of Carbon Offsetting

The projects which are linked with carbon offsetting prove to be extremely valuable with regard to bringing about a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There is a dire need for this contribution to be recognized, as it will help in demonstrating the value to the various businesses in order to meet their goals set for benefiting the climate at large. It will also play a key role in motivating other companies for investing in projects linked with carbon offsetting.

The process of carbon offsetting allows to give out a rather solid statement with regard to the promotion of efforts for the reduction in the greenhouse gases, and it is very credible as well. The act of carbon offsetting is very practical, and moreover, it manages to go beyond simple talks and target setting, including making policies for the future. The evidence of this can be gathered by taking into account the various individuals as well as businesses playing their role.

While keeping in mind what carbon offsetting stands for and the role it plays, the market provides businesses as well as individuals with a chance to be able to balance their carbon footprint by taking help from investing into projects which are aimed at bringing a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The types of projects aimed at carbon offsetting include setting up of wind farms, solar panels as well as setting up of the geothermal plants and energy systems. The money invested in such projects will play a key role in helping driving up the pace at which energy will be renewed.

Investing money into the purchasing of carbon offsets will prove to be helpful for quantifying the real cost of damage which is caused to the environment at large from the emissions of the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Various institutions, as well as the government, can make use of this gathered piece of information for the further formulation of carbon neutrality and accurate budget.

Save Yourself from Getting Scammed

If you want to save yourself from getting scammed while purchasing carbon offsets and investing in such projects, it is highly crucial for you to run a check on their permanency as well as legitimacy. You have to look for such a carbon offset provider who is funding a project what is real and carries the capability of enacting a change. The carbon offset provider which is authentic, effective and legitimate, will very well be certified and verified by proper institutions working in this regard. Therefore, it is very important for you to gather such information about the provider.

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The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is the name given to the standard certification logo or a mark for programs which are non-governmental and rub for reducing the greenhouse gases emissions from the atmosphere, in the clean development mechanism. This also includes various other development interventions, and an example of this is the Voluntary carbon market. This mark is administered and published by the Gold Standard Foundation.

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There is no doubt about the fact that carbon emissions, although take place on a local scale, the effects are felt and dealt with on a global scale. Be it an emission caused by an individual or a company. The effect is not good either way. Co2nsensus is a renowned company in this regard and is the developer of Co2nnector, which helps you calculate your carbon emission on a daily basis. It not only plays a key role in calculating the individual carbon footprint, but it also provides the respective person with a chance to compensate for the daily carbon emissions by offsetting them. 

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